Reset Your Mindset Series

Part 1: DREAM

This Week’s Questions for Part 1: Dream
Why do we dream about the future?
Where do we find purpose in our lives?
Is there a way to get focused as we work towards our dreams?
Why do we doubt our dreams?

These are big questions and the answers will change the way you think about your dreams and live them out. 

Join Amy Murphy in this current series as we dig deeper and look at how we can overcome the barriers that stop us from dreaming big and making those dreams reality.

This Week’s Blog Post:

Every week, CEO and Founder Amy Murphy writes a blog post with reflections on the weekly topic. This week, she’s talking all about some of the reasons why we dream and why it is a good thing to dream.

The first place to start when you reset your mindset, is with an internal examination of how your spirit is doing. Dreams lie within your spirit. This blog post will walk you through some practical ways to connect with your spirit.

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Continue the Reset Your Mindset series with Part 2: Believe.

Your dreams won’t take you very far if you don’t know why you believe in your dream, or how to believe in yourself.