The Reason Why We Dream

If you’re expecting a blog post about sleep and why we dream, this is not about that kind of dreaming. I’m talking about dreams you have when you’re wide awake, living your life and finding your purposeā€”dreams that keep you moving forward as you become connected to your true purpose.

The questions I ask myself about dreams

When you think about what your life could look like, or what you want to experience in the future, what do you see? A dream is a vision of a future reality that you can work towards. So why do we do this? Shouldn’t we be happy with what we have already? Do we feel discontentment with our present lives? Why do we dream at all? Let’s look into these questions a little deeper.

Can we be content with our current reality?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: You might be going through a tough season and are struggling to see the good in your life right now. I believe there is always a gift. No matter how small, find the gift in each day. Even the very simple fact that you are alive is worth savouring. When you see savouring moments in your day you will start to foster contentment in your spirit.

This doesn’t mean you can’t feel sadness, anger or depression. These are part of the human experience too and it won’t serve you well to sweep them under the rug.

Give yourself time and space for every emotion. You may even need to seek out healing in some way before moving forward. When you are able, be mindful of how you can appreciate the good things happening in your life right now.

As you cultivate this habit, it will stay with you into the future and when things are better, you’ll be able to appreciate them fully.

Can a dream lead to discontentment?

The short answer: It’s up to you.

The long answer: When you think about the future, you’re imagining what life will look like at that time. Once you’ve reached that dream, you’ll realize that there are new dreams waiting for you. Your dream is not your destination.

Discontentment happens when you expect that your dream will complete you. A dream is a part of you but you are already enough just the way you are. Getting that dream job or building a pool in the backyard does not complete you. You are enough. Allow your dreams to fuel your passion and your purpose but ultimately, the purpose has been inside you all along.

You already are enough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t discover more about yourself! Follow dreams that make you a better person on the inside and those will be lasting results.

Discover the life you were meant to live daily, no matter what dreams you’re still working towards. You can have contentment now because you’re on the path of self discovery. You don’t have to wait to start enjoying life.

Why do we dream?

The short answer: We dream because we have hope.

The long answer: I believe that the reason why we dream about a better, future is because we have hope. We know that there is more to discover and more to learn and we want to find it. We’re explorers, creators and believers.

A dream is the way your spirit guides you toward your true purpose. We dream because there is so much to discover out there. We are hopeful that we can discover these things.

This life is a beautiful journey with ups and downs and as you keep moving forward, you’ll keep discovering new things about yourself and new dreams that align with your purpose.

Is your dream achievable?

The short answer: Yes!

The long answer: You can achieve anything you believe in and work towards. Achieving a dream is not something you can do half heartedly. You must engage your spirit, mind and body. When you dream, you are revealing the first layer: what your spirit hopes for. Then you must dig down to the second layer: believing in it with your mind. And finally, you’ll get to the third layer where action happens and you achieve the dream with your body.

Cultivating this mindset is a process. That’s why we’re taking a month to go through each part! Next week, we’ll be focusing on the second part of the series: BELIEVE. I’ll be writing about a funny experience I had as Cinderella at Disney World and what it taught me about believing. See you on the blog next week!

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