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Network Marketing Resources by Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy has twenty three years of network marketing career experience. For the first seventeen years, she joined over ten companies and failed in all of them.

After spending more money than she was making, she promised to never try another company again if she failed one more time.

That mindset shift was the moment her life turned around.

She joined one last company and got committed to making it work. The hustle was on. She was pregnant at the time and wore a bathrobe everyday as she built her final business.

In just two and a half years she became the top income earner in Canada and was the first in Canada to reach the top of the comp. plan. She is a member of the Million Dollar Club and started Million Dollar Bathrobe to provide training resources for anyone in the network marketing industry.

Her unique career experience and trainings on motivation, failure and persistence provide a unique perspective on how to find success in this industry.

Network Marketing has allowed thousands of families to earn additional income, start small businesses and empower stay-at-home moms.

There are no sales or recruitment tactics―just training resources designed to help you succeed in your network marketing business, no matter what company you are with.

Unlock your potential and open your world.

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