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Trainings and Workshops

Every training and workshop looks at the barriers that could be limiting you from finding and living according to your true potential. We’re here to help you find the right tools inside of you and start using them in your life in tangible ways.

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Workshop Topics

Here is a list of workshop and training topics that Million Dollar Bathrobe offers:


Steps to Success: Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset
Coincidences that Aren’t: What are you Missing?
Connecting to Your Why: Listening to Your Spirit First
Believe It to Be: Using Visualization Techniques to Achieve Success


Decide and Commit: Mastering the Inner Voice
How to Make Goals and Stick to Them
Time Management 101: How to Time Block and Why It Works


The Power Within You: Busting Burnout and Getting Back on Top
Confidence 101: Connecting to Your Authentic Self
Confidence 102: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
Feeling Like a Million: Aligning Your Spirit, Mind and Body through Self Care

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What is the Million Dollar Bathrobe?

The Million Dollar Bathrobe was started by Founder and CEO Amy Murphy when she discovered some of these tools in her own life. As a failed entrepreneur for over 20 years until she discovered that the secret to success does not lie out there—it is within you and it just needs to be uncovered. After she discovered this, her life changed dramatically.

Amy is now a multi-million dollar entrepreneur with a passion to share her discovery with others. Amy’s story and the lessons she’s learned inspire others to make change happen in their life too.

It is possible for everyone to become more connected to a life that they love and you can win when you have the proper tools.

Do you want to start living a more aligned life, free of barriers?

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