“Talent isn’t what separates those who succeed from those that don’t… it’s GRIT.  Do you have it?”

GRIT= passion + persistence

My life was all about the outside- beauty industry, acting, glamour.  
My armour was my outside- look good, it will be good. 

Million Dollar Bathrobe is Live!

Problem was, it wasn’t good.  I was always good at what I put my mind to; always had a certain level of success.  I was always searching for the next best thing- best new job, best new role, best new company. On the inside, however, it never felt like the best.

I Joined my first network marketing business when I was 19 and over the course of the next 17 years, I tried over 10 different companies. As soon as it got “hard”, I would quit and look for the next thing. Once the success wasn’t immediate, I would quit…again. I would blame everything other than myself- the products, the people, the marketing.  

One thing that started to be apparent is that the one common denominator in it all was me.  But I was still not conscious of why this was happening.  

The same trends had been present throughout my life- working at so many restaurant or clothing store jobs that people started joking- “Amy has a new job… Again!”.  I was searching and busy, but not happy.  

Busy became the recipe for trying to fill the void.  If I just work more, performed better, got more accolades or was acknowledged, then maybe I will feel less empty, less disconnected.  

But it didn’t work.  

The guiding lights throughout this journey was my relationship with my husband and family and friends.  Those connections were built from the inside out, and they lasted.  Perhaps I should have seen the pattern.  Inside – connections last.  Outside – not so much.  

In fact, I likely didn’t realize or appreciate how important those internal connections were in keeping me going.  Without that deep connection to “who” I was through them, I am not sure I would have lasted as long as I did!

As the years went on, I became a wife and a mother of three beautiful children and again found great connection with those internal- based relationships.  But outside, I was still seeking the happiness that I had been chasing for all these years.  Then came my last network marketing opportunity- Monat.  From a mommy group FB post speaking to post partum hair loss, I messaged the person and signed up.  

I was four months pregnant when I signed up with Monat.  

Ready to go and fired up.  Then came a diagnosis of bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Not ideal start to a new business.  At that point, my thoughts were- “just make enough to pay for your own products”.  And this time, not only did I feel that I might be successful at this, my husband actually said “Good luck with that.  No one is going to trust you.  You have sold everything under the sun so why will this be different.”.  I was crushed.  This triggered the visceral reaction in me “why not me?  Why can’t I be successful?”.  And then I made him a promise.  If I don’t make it in this company, I will never try this again. It was in that moment that I realized that it was up to me to make this work- no one else, not out there – but me. We needed me to do well to help with household finances and I was determined that I could do this.  No running away when it gets hard.  I was all in.  

For the next five months of my pregnancy I focused on making it work.  I spent all my energy proving to my husband, and myself, that I could do this.  From self-development, researching successful network marketing approaches to mastering social media marketing, I stopped focusing on myself and focused on others.   Their success was my success.  I had to push myself to do what “they” needed, not what I was comfortable doing. 

Thus, the bathrobe…

As  mom of two boys and pregnant with my third child, there was little time for glamour. At first I tried to bring the glam into my social media videos, posts, trainings. It became more and more and more difficult to make time for it. In fact, I stared to forget about the outside because I was so focused on growing my inside and others.  So, one day, I did my first FB live in bathrobe. No makeup, no hair, in a bathrobe, vastly pregnant. Amy the actress, model, beauty industry, in a bathrobe… And people went crazy!!!  They loved it. 

Who knew that being yourself would open up connection opportunities with people?  

By being real, approachable, relatable, I became someone that they could connect with.  Not in admiration, but in true inspiration.  If she can do it, then so can I.  An old mentor had told me back in my acting days  “you are too pretty.”  What I always saw as my strength, my armour, was, in fact, my weakness. Being real was what people wanted. Now I was learning that it was what I wanted too.  

My husband, who had always been my biggest supporter and champion, came back on side.  He could see this was different- not just in the pay cheques, but in me. He has gone on to be my business partner and a huge piece on our ongoing success. I truly couldn’t have done it without him.  

Two months after my daughter was born, I became a Canadian founder of Monat and ranked for my first car .  Over the next two years, I became a million-dollar earner and our lives changed.  We are able to enjoy a quality of life that this level of financial security provides, which is fantastic. More importantly, however, is how I have changed. The lessons learned from my bathrobe continued to cement my belief that the answers I had been seeking, had always been there, on the inside. 

From a ratty and tattered bathrobe, I not only earned a million dollars, but I learned what it truly takes to connect with what was always there.