I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for several very special support systems. I will try to give them each the acknowledgement they deserve for their contributions to my journey.


Thank you to my husband for always believing in me and supporting me in any dream I’ve ever had. (I also want to thank him for NOT believing in me the last time I decided to try building *yet* another network marketing biz. If he didn’t challenge me I wouldn’t have been so determined to make it work). 

To my parents, children, family, in-laws and friends… thank you for always loving me and sticking by me.  Thank you for the endless child care you’ve provided for us and for the endless support no matter what I’ve ever decided to do in life… you’ve always been my biggest cheerleaders!  I appreciate you all so very much and couldn’t do everything that I do without you!


Thank you to the URDANETA family who are the most gracious and loving family I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Without this family, I truly believe the journey I have been on would not have been the same. It’s because of this family that this journey has unfolded as it has. I am truly grateful for all they do to pour into us and our businesses. They want only success for everyone they lead and I can’t even begin to count the ways to say thank you.  They have taught us to dream big and we appreciate them so much! 

This is the exact video I watched when I said yes to the opportunity of a lifetime: https://vimeo.com/monatofficial/monatfamily

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO TEAM DYNAMITE! Also… the entire Monat family deserves a huge thank you.  All of corporate, my sponsor for introducing me to Monat, uplines, sidelines, downlines..  we are one huge family- hood. I appreciate and love each and every one of you all!

Thank you for all your endless support! 


Thank you to my dear friend Jimmie who is always there for me and my family.  He has always graciously offered endless support, mentorship and friendship.  His knowledge for business is top notch and I am forever grateful to have him in my corner.  I appreciate you Jimmie!!!  Check out Jimmie at http://jimmiejayes.com/

Thank you to STEPHANIE CLARK at Blue Door Group for helping me bring the Million Dollar Bathrobe vision to reality.  I couldn’t have made this possible without her.  She has a special talent for what she does… she works with clear vision, purpose and extreme passion for helping her clients create their dream businesses from scratch. www.bluedoorgroup.ca 

Thank you to ALIX ROBINSON from Everyday I’m Branding for her expertise in being able to take our ideas and make them more than what we’d ever dreamed of.  Thank you for all you do behind the scenes to help put all the pieces together and keep things running smoothly. www.everydayimbranding.com

Super special thank you to KAELYNNE MAKAN for being our family’s ROCK through the years.  This passionate and dedicated woman has been by our side for years helping us as we need. Both with family, and business needs. We certainly owe a lot of appreciation and gratitude to her. Our family thanks you so much Kaelynne for your ongoing commitment to our family. 


Brian and Dani Fryer have been the most amazing mentors during my network marketing journey.  They are faith based and family led and to be mentored by these two has been a true blessing. 

I appreciate these two for their passion and abundance they give to everyone every single day. 

They go above and beyond and exceed expectations. As mentors, they give all of themselves and more. 

I couldn’t have had the breakthroughs I’ve had in my network marketing business without these two

Thank you for all you do ❤️?❤️

Check out Brian and Dani Fryer: https://coachfryer.com/


Ray Higdon was the very first network marketing coach I started learning from when I had a mindset shift after 17 years of failed attempts at Network Marketing. I almost gave up on the profession, moreso, I almost gave up on myself. 

I shared my story with him about how after all these failures I finally found success. I was so embarrassed to do that at the time. I didn’t want to share my failures, only the wins… but he is the one who encouraged me to share the failures, too!  

He believed in my story so much that he asked me to speak on his stage as a keynote speaker. Having ZERO public speaking experience (aside from speaking at my own company events) he took a chance on me to speak in front of hundreds of other network marketers at one of his events. 

I am forever grateful for him and his loyalty. I am thankful his rank makers community. He teaches network marketers to market themselves the right way. 

Thank you Ray Higdon for all you do!


Check out Ray Higdon at: https://higdongroup.com

Henry Mah and Linda Darlow were mentors of mine who made me face that 10 year old girl during their workshop.  It was a tough and emotional time but I owe so much gratitude to these amazing humans who broke me free from my inner destructive self talk.  Their performers mastery workshop is the pivotal moment in time that my whole life started to shift and seeds were planted for an incredible life journey. I owe so much to them! 

If you need deep inner reflection, if you have blocks and barriers you want to break through… check out their workshop! It will change your life forever… in the best way possible. 

The Performers Mastery

Kristen Clarkson & the teachers at the acting school I attended, were a huge part of shaping my future. It wasn’t just an acting school. It was a life school. We were a big happy family. The support and love, the growth and encouragement created a safe and positive environment to explore deep within. They truly wanted us to succeed and gave us the push to dig deep and give authentic performances. My time there combined with the performers mastery truly helped guide me to where I am today.  I can’t express enough how much I appreciate how they’ve helped me to love myself, be authentic and connect to the world around me. I am forever grateful.