I love authentic people. I admire them and the way they live their life. I always want to be authentic in everything I do. I chose this as a value for my life because an authentic person is someone that can be trusted and someone that people are drawn to. Not only do other people trust you, you can trust yourself. Being authentic means that you know who you are and what you stand for. You can trust yourself when you know yourself and are true to yourself! 

Being authentic has always helped me in my personal growth because in order to be truly authentic you need to grow into a person that you love and respect. The more you grow the more authentic you will become and the more authentic you become, the more you grow! It’s all connected!! 

When people know me as someone who is authentic, they trust me and the brand that I stand behind. This is huge for running your own business. If people don’t trust you, why would they trust the products you sell? Just like growth, learning to be authentic is a process and it is always growing with you as you grow. 

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