Reset Your Mindset Series

The Reset Your Mindset series is being offered for free for a limited time only—so start your journey today!

How The Mindset Training Works

Reset Your Mindset is a 4 week modular training series that will teach you about dreaming big, believing in yourself and achieving your dreams.

If you feel stuck, or your current mindset is weighing you down and you’re finding it difficult to reach your goals—or maybe even set goals at all—then this training is for you.

Through this series, your healthier mindset will grow as you learn you how to:

Recognize your dreams and your purpose

Grow in your self-confidence and understand the power of belief

Create a practical, step by step action plan to achieve your dreams

Choose lifestyle habits that keep you connected to a life you love

Amy’s Mindset Journey

This mindset training series is led by Amy Murphy, the CEO and Founder of Million Dollar Bathrobe.

In her 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, she watched many dreams and goals go unfulfilled. It wasn’t until she realized that the reason why this kept happening was directly related to her mindset that she knew it was time for a change. It wasn’t the goals that were the problem—it was the way she believed in those goals.

So instead of living with unfulfilled dreams—she hit the mindset reset button and chose to believe in herself. She was going to achieve it this time. Just two and a half years after this personal discovery, her business was earning seven figures. This was a powerful and life changing discovery and she wanted to share the things she learned with others. And you’re getting those discoveries through this series!

Join us for the next four weeks and let’s improve your mindset to achieve any dream you choose to believe in.

For a full list of Amy’s credentials and experience, click here.

Getting Started

Step 1: Watch the Video Training Module

Every training will be based on the lessons and realities Amy has learned from her own experience while building her multi-million dollar business. These video modules are your first stop in the mindset training series.

Each video contains helpful lessons and reflection questions that you can be asking yourself. (This is the perfect time to use that new notebook as you write down your reflection answers!)

Either start at your own pace or get caught up and follow along with us for the rest of the series. We’re on week 2: Believe right now.

1: Dream

2: Believe

3: Achieve

4: Recap Episode

In order to track your progress, get a Million Dollar Bathrobe notebook and keep all your notes in one place! Additionally, use the promo code “mindset” at checkout to get 15% off your notebook.

Step 2: Read the Blog

Once you’ve watched the training module, read the blog post and work on the free worksheet to build an action plan.

The Feel Like a Million blog is written by Amy and each post goes deeper into the training topic with new insights and stories. When you uncover new insights, you will likely be eager to start putting them into practice in your own life.

And so that’s where the Connect the Dots worksheets come in handy!

The worksheets will give you questions that can help you create the action plan that works best for your life. Every worksheet will ask you questions to help you start taking action today.

Step 3: Download the Free Worksheets for Additional Impact

These worksheets are available for email subscribers only so be sure to sign up below to receive yours.

Step 4: Join the Facebook Community

If you’re looking to connect with other people doing the mindset training series, then we’ve got a community for you!

The Feel Like a Million group is the place to go for support through this training series and beyond. All it takes is one step forward to change your life and we’re here to cheer you on every step of the way.

So join for free today and access members-only content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Members-Only Perks:

Here’s what makes it special to be part of the Feel Like a Million community

—Connect with a mentor
—Participate in weekly challenges
—Attend the monthly coffee chat calls with Amy and guest speakers
—Receive exclusive giveaway opportunities
—Get discount codes for the swag shop and upcoming events
—Weekly Connect the Dots worksheets for free

Start the Training Now

So are you ready to Reset Your Mindset? Start this 4 week Mindset Training series today.

Start at Part 1: Dream.

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