Take the are you Proactive or Reactive Quiz!

I found this quiz online from selfgrowth.com, but it was a bit difficult to read, so I thought I’d recreate it here so it is easier for you to complete! It should only take a few minutes, and is a great way to self-reflect!



1. Answer the following questions by writing down the number that best represents you. Be as honest with yourself as possible!

2. Add your numbers up and total them. 

3. See scoring sheet at end of survey – don’t peak until you’ve finished each question. If you do peak, subtract 5 points from your final score. 

Am I a Proactive or Reactive person?

1. I get angry in traffic.


2. When I see someone I want to know, I approach him or her without hesitation.


3. I often worry myself to sleep.


4. I stick to my exercise regimen.


5. My diet is very diverse. I have favourites but I eat them in moderation.


6. I am free of addictions such as coffee, cigarettes, sugar, chocolate and other drugs.


7. I do not pass judgment or become upset until I have all of the facts.


8. When I am late for work, it is due to a factor outside my control.


9. I always keep my promises.


10. Occasionally, I feel overwhelmed.


Score Card: 

40-50 – You show a high degree of consciousness and you are proactive. Life is good and you know it! 

30-39 – You are conscious and proactive more often than not. You are doing OK, but your life can be better. 

20-29 – Reactive thinking impacts your life and you are living under the influence of your emotions. You likely have greater potential than you are experiencing. 

0-19 – Reactive thinking heavily impacts your life and you are living under the influence of your emotions. You likely have much greater potential than you are experiencing. 

*Scores are based on subjective criteria, so results are only suggestive.

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