Past Speaking Engagements:

June 5, 2020

Wednesday, March 4

Online Workshop: The Power Within You: Busting Burn Out and Getting Back on Top

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Local Workshop: The Power Within You: Busting Burn Out and Getting Back on Top

January 23, 2020 with Brian Fryer: How to Avoid Burnout as a Network Marketer

December 7, 2019 Super Saturday Empowerment and Gratitude Session

December 5, 2019 Scarcity and Abundance talk for Marina Simone’s Moms and Heels Group

Q & A Session with Amy Murphy presented by Venture Grade at Sobey School of Business – November 21, 7 P.M. in Room SB160

Amy Murphy SMU Venture grade talk

Rank Makers Live Premier Event – October 3-5, 2019

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Impact Online Summit – August 20, 2019 -6PM – 9PM

There are no shortcuts to success BUT you can massively accelerate your results by attending live events like IMPACT where you will learn from the BEST – they did all the guess work so YOU don’t have to. Your next decision comes with consequence. Will you join us for this virtual event or will you go on wanting or wishing – and miss the boat, again?  We will be leading the hungry go-getters to the next level in business, health and wealth and right NOW you can shave off $400 AND snag some bonuses ❗️

Amy will be leading the sought after Abundant Mindset Leads to Abundant Life program:

Abundant Mindset Leads to Abundant Life 

Mastering mindset is one of the most critical shifts to achieve abundance.  We manifest what we believe.  Are you believing you are worthy of abundance?  Or do you see yourself as less deserving?  Whatever you believe is true.  That is the power of the mind over our behaviours.  Shift your mindset to one of abundance and your behaviours to manifest that abundance will follow.  Join Amy to learn more about mindset mastery and how to turn your mind to abundant thinking!”

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