Welcome to the Million Dollar Bathrobe! This is a company that is passionate about helping people discover who they are and what they were made for. We help people make the connection between the life they dream of living and where they are at right now.

We spend so much of our time searching for happiness, fulfillment and peace and sometimes it can feel like we’ll never find them. The truth is that happiness isn’t far away—it lives inside of you. 

The key is connecting to it.  

And we’re here to help you find that connection.

It’s About Connection

Connection is the heart of the Million Dollar Bathrobe brand—you were made to win and we know that you can. In order to make those connections, you have to take a look at who you are inside and what your spirit, mind and body are doing together to get you to where you dream of going.

If these three are misaligned, you won’t get far in your journey—they will be pulling you in different directions. When your spirit, mind and body are aligned then you will be connected to a life that you love.

So stop looking out there for the answers and instead start to learn what you have to offer. 

Our Three Guiding Beliefs

Everything at Million Dollar Bathrobe is guided by these three core values:

  1. Everyone can connect to a life they love.
  2. No amount of outside success will ever feel as good as internal connection to authentic self.
  3. True happiness is a connection of all three aspects of self: spirit, mind & body.

Why the Bathrobe?  

Inspired by the real events of Founder and CEO Amy Murphy, the bathrobe became a symbol of freedom for anyone looking to break out of the expectation of what a successful person should be.

Amy overcame barriers and insecurities that had stopped her from connections in the past by wearing a bathrobe each day as she built a multi-million dollar business. The bathrobe taught her that it’s not about what the outside looks like—what matters is what’s on the inside.

What could you do if the outside no longer held you hostage?  That the answers are already in you?  When you focus on what is inside, you will discover that all the answers you seek were always there. 

Watch Amy share her story here.

Finding Your Connection

You can start your journey with us today!

We’re offering a 4-week mindset training series for free which will take you through the steps of connecting your spirit, mind and body in order to dream bigger, believe in yourself and achieve your purpose.

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Connect to the Community

Million Dollar Bathrobe offers a free Facebook community where you can get connected with others who have started the same journey as you!

There are fun members only perks inside the group that will give you access to live monthly chats with the Bathrobe CEO Amy, weekly worksheets to help you connect the dots in your life as well as special discounts for future training and swag shop items.

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The Connection Funnel

Click on each section of the model for an in-depth look at how we can help you achieve alignment.